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Prefunding Consulting & Due Diligence

Our unique niche in prefunding consulting has evolved over the years. Motivated by many of our clients, we responded to a market need. Many commercial real estate clients seek guidance through the funding process. Whether the clients are obtaining funding for the purchase or development of commercial real estate properties, we have developed a finely tuned consulting practice geared towards those who require close guidance through the steps. Our clients contact us because they are unsure whether they are structured properly and have conducted the necessary due diligence for entry into the funding process. Some investors are extremely organized and require merely a checkup. Others necessitate a much more structured approach. Regardless of where they are in the process, all of our clients take comfort in allowing us to help navigate their project through the choppy waters of commercial real estate financing.

Our approach is pragmatic:

Know the Project
We are firm believers in the notion that knowledge is power. Before a client searches for funding, we determine how much the client truly knows about the property and the extent to which the information is organized. Depending on the nature of the transaction, we consider the availability of items such as:

  • Executive Summaries

  • Project Business Plans

  • Cash Flow Projections and Cost Breakdowns

  • Appraisals

  • Environmental Reports

  • Market Feasibility Studies

  • Plot Plans

  • Zoning Studies

Know Yourself
We stress that an honest assessment of one’s fundability is critical. The recipient of the funding must pass muster, and armed with this knowledge, we demand an introspective evaluation of the borrower’s history, credibility, and need. In that regard, we consider:

  • Borrower’s Experience Relevant to the Project

  • Management Team and Professionals

  • Borrower’s Financial Strength and Financial Risk

Coordinate Government Incentives if Available
Whether the project is a true Public Private Partnership (PPP) or slated for a subsidy, it is imperative to coordinate with the government sponsor. Getting a lender and government sponsor together at the outset requires experienced maneuvering. Having served as an intermediary between lenders and local, state, federal, and international governing bodies, our professionals are astute to the concerns of all parties involved in any transaction.