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Estate & Trust Planning

Regardless of a client’s net worth, planning must focus on specific desires and circumstances, with an awareness of potential problems that the client could face. Our wealth of experience and expertise in handling simple and complex planning enables us to carry out each client’s wishes and structure a controlled transfer of wealth during life or after death.

The physical makeup of a family continues to evolve, and we maintain a forward-looking approach to our practice. We create plans that are specifically tailored to each client, and focused on his or her circumstances and particular desires.

Lifetime Transfers and Gifting
With an understanding of each client’s current circumstances and desired goal, we work with his or her other advisors to determine whether wealth transfer could be effectuated through outright gifting or through the longer-term mechanics of a Lifetime Trust, while utilizing available exemptions.

Healthcare Decisions and Delegation
We are attentive to each client’s preferences regarding healthcare and privacy when considering the difficult decisions he or she must make about the administration of medical treatments. We work with each client in composing a Medical Directive or Living Will that properly reflects such preferences. Additionally, we create a Health Care Proxy that appoints the client’s agent to whom various medical decisions are to be delegated in the event of the client’s incapacitation.

Powers of Attorney
Although planning for one’s mortality can be difficult for some to think about, planning for possible incapacitation can be more difficult for others. We are mindful of the difficulties that arise in such discussions. Nevertheless, and because we have each client’s implicit trust, he or she can speak with us candidly. This candor assists us in preparing a Power of Attorney that appoints the client’s desired agent, and also properly reflects the authority the agent is to be given.

Last Will and Testament Unlike other documents that might be in full force and effect while a person is alive, the Last Will and Testament is a set of instructions that will be implemented after he or she passes away. Our professionals have extensive experience in discerning each client’s wishes and asking probative questions so that we can carefully craft a Last Will and Testament that accurately reflects the client’s wishes. Having represented clients with modest possessions and others with very extensive assets, our experience spans a wide spectrum of scenarios, which enables us to assist our clients with confidence.