Practice Areas | Corporate & Business

Corporate Formation, Counseling & Dissolution

We serve as outside general counsel to many large and small domestic and international companies. Our breadth of knowledge enables us to participate in many industries and advise our clients on corporate governance, compliance and applicable laws and regulations, and asset protection. We advise on both novel and day-to-day operation issues.

Entity Formation
Working closely with tax professionals, our attorneys structure sophisticated and simple entities that address liability and tax concerns. We follow a comprehensive approach when guiding our clients and believe it is essential to understand the client’s business industry and long-term goals. Whether the client’s intent is to be a nonprofit under IRC 501(c)(3) or it aspires to be publicly traded, we make sure that the business is built on a strong foundation.

Corporate Governance
At Bing & Einwohner LLP, we remain by our corporate clients’ side through formation and operation. We strongly urge our clients that in order to be viable businesses, they must act like reputable businesses. Cognizant of the threat of corporate piercing and fraudulent conveyance claims, we advise our clients of the pitfalls resulting from empty corporate kits and phantom transactions.

Entity Dissolution
Dissolving an entity can be complicated and is not always amicable. Very often there are competing interests between creditors of the business, as well as disputes between the principals themselves. Our attorneys have served as mediators amongst the members as a whole and have advocated specific interests of one or more parties.

We have been consulted frequently by businesses faced with difficult employment issues. This has included the termination of highly compensated officers and perceived slights to lower level employees. In addition, we have represented directors and officers as they have been required to modify or end their relationships.